Visual Arts
Programme Remodelation and Amplification
Location Lima (Peru)
Client Inversiones Alternas
Architects S. Barclay - J. P. Crousse
Assistants Melissa Apolaya
Area 2332 m2
Project 2008
Prices: Concurso Nacional de Calidad Arquitectónica 2007 Colegio de Arquitectos del Perú - Celima

The original building, designed by Emilio Harth-Terré, was conceived as a massive volume that has two stories but appears to have a single, massive level. The project works with the opposite scale: the scale is reduced (with the tripartition of levels above two floors) to avoid competing with the primary role given to the original façade. Treatment to the new façade, apparently ethereal, is conceived as a façade with an aleatory rhythm. The exterior glass screen was especially designed to create a particular rhythm of natural light and shadow in order to avoid creating the sensation of a massive weight on top of the original building, opting instead for a lighter addition.
Plans and sketches